Zoom Mod Installer 1.7.4

Zoom Mod Installer is a mod created by ga2mer, and one of the few mods that work on Minecraft 1.7.4. The Zoom Mod can make a big zoom, that help many people on some game modes in Minecraft. It’s like the Optifine, you just have to hold on CTRL button on your keyboard and you have ZOOM on in game. This mode is a legal one and you not take any ban on any multiplayer server, enjoy with Zoom Mod. Check below pictures, video reviews and download links for the installer and original thread!


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Zoom Mod Installer 1.7.4 4.46/5 (89.19%) 135 votes

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About Zoom Mod Installer



Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Profile:

Require: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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    You have javaw.exe (Java(TM) Platform SE binary) open, so after you have closed Minecraft wait ~ 10-20 seconds for closed javaw.exe and after trying to install this mod with installer!

  • izaiah texter

    i tryed 10-20 secs and it still didn`t work!!!

    • http://www.resource-packs.com/ ResourcePacks


      You can make a reinstall Minecraft with fresh version 1.7.4 and try again?

      If still not working, you can leave a screenshot of the error you get?

      PS: I tried to me, and it worked on Minecraft 1.7.4!

  • izaiah texter

    never mined haha get it mined like MINEcraft! but anyway no it was just my sucky computer it worked on a different one. but thanks