Web Displays Mod Installer 1.6.2

The Web Displays Mod for 1.6.2 adds a real web browser to the game. This web browser is made of 16×9 screen blocks and when activated can be used to do things like watch videos, listen to music, check Twitter/Facebook, browse forums, and more. This mod can be used with multiplayer, but each player can only see their screens. Only WINDOWS clients can see screens! What I mean is that you can run this mod on a server using any OS; but if you are running the client on an OS that is NOT windows, you’ll see “Installation Failed” error on screen, but it won’t crash your Minecraft and you’ll still be able to join server using this mod.


Web Displays Mod Changelog v1.6:

  • Fixed keyboard breaking particles
  • Now screens can be as large as you want, but not 1×1
  • Added the “unload distance” parameter in the config: if this distance is reached, the screen is unloaded.
  • Screen repeaters now deletes themself if their source was deleted.
  • Added the “shutdown” function to shutdown the screen using ComputerCraft.
  • Added the minePad.
  • Updated WebDisplay to 0.6
  • Changed the “OMG, Installation failed” texture by “Installation failed; please read FAQ”
  • Now loads the native in the WebDisplaysNatives folder
  • Added the isScreenRepeater() function in the API.
  • Now detects if the allocated Java memory is over 1 giga and if it’s the case, it’ll reduce it to 1 giga again because Java 32bits doesn’t support more that 1 giga.
  • Detects if the mod was already installed manually and removes it.
  • Now extract the native in the WebDisplaysNatives folder.
  • Installer now takes care about the game directory profile parameter.

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Web Displays Mod Installer
  2. Open installer file (.exe)
  3. Click on Install Mod button and wait to install mod.
  4. Open Minecraft and play with tihs mod!
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About Web Displays Mod Installer



Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Profile:

Require: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Last Updated: December 17, 2013