Skyblock Map Installer 1.7.4

Skyblock Map is a standout amongst the most testing guide of all since you begin with just five things in the chest and you will do a lot of things to develop your property, well before all else it’s not yet an area right away its fundamentally only a 3 piece flying source in which you will utilize the magma and the water in the midsection to stretch it when your skyblock is enormous enough you can begin your asset cultivating and survive! Soon you can assemble a woodland then later a fort and more extended a country, and even more drawn out at final your own particular planet! Yet again the sum of these begins just with a solitary surviving sky square. This survival map will bring so much fun! In the event that you don’t utilize those destructive tricks, not just unsafe, but simply don’t utilization anything that is recognize.


Skyblock 1.7.4 Map Installer Features

  • One click for Install or Uninstall this map
  • It can make backup before installation
  • Restore backup file
  • Open .minecraft and saves folder, only one click

Skyblock Map Installer Scan Results

Virustotal – Detection ratio: 0 / 46

Jotti’s malware scan – Detection ratio: 0 / 22

Metascan Scan Online – Detection ratio: 0 / 42

This map is created by Noobcrew, all credit to author!

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[1.7.4] Download Skyblock Map Installer: EXE | ZIP [1.6.2] Download Skyblock Map Installer: EXE | ZIP

About Skyblock Map Installer



Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Profile:

Require: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Last Updated: January 11, 2014